X SHADE is a revolutionized car shade that fits on auto windshield. It fits most autos, including car, SUV, minivan. It's
super easy to use. Up/down in 3 seconds . Two layers of  fabric with reflective coating blocks sunlight  much better than
other auto shades..There is another feature that other auto shade doesn't have is that its soft leather cover sit on top of
dahboard when drive. It reflects heat like a dashbaord cover, cools interior of car and that's a feature other auto
sunshade doesn't have. Xshade is best auto sunshade. Compare to some other customer fit car shade or retractable car
shade, its price is much more reasonable. Don't buy a auto shade that's less worthy and more trouble to put on. You want
the best auto shade on the market, the next generation automobile sunshade  -- X SHADE
X SHADE does 3 things to cool your car
  • Two layers of fabrics with reflective coating blocks sunlight effectively.
  • Cools car interior like a dahboard cover when driving
  • Super easy to use. It encourages you to use this sunshade eveytime you park.

To beat x shade, you will need a dashboard cover, a good quality sunshade, and you will have to go
though the troubles to use it everytime you park.
Super easy to use
See how easy it is to hook at mirror or fold it
back on dashboard top. Free to drive right
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About Us
XSHADE offers better protection.  
X SHADE is made up of 2 layers of silver fabrics with sunlight reflective coating. Provides at least twice
as much protection from the sun's damaging UV rays and heat waves.
Better Protection

Not your thin fabric car shade!
Two layers of thick fabrics offer much better protection than traditional
shades. See X SHADE, (left) vs. single layer fabric of ordinary spring
loop product (right).  See how much of a difference there is between
these two? Sunlight shines through the shade on the right. Don't
spend more time to put on a car shade that's less worthy!
XSHADE cools when you are not using it.
XSHADE sits on your dashboard top like a dash cover. Its smooth buttery soft leather top works like a
small dash cover to cool car dahsboard when driving.
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xshade is a revolutionized automobile windshield sunshade (patent pending). It sits on your dashboard when you are not using it, no need to find a storage places for it. To put it on
or take it off takes less then 3 seconds, with just one hand.  Just grip the handle and hook it over to your rear view mirror to protect your vehicle from sunlight through windshield.
When you hook your xshade handle at rear view mirror, you already placed it at best working position against sunlight through windshield, no adjustment needed. It's so easy to
use, It is almost  like it encourages you to use it. I know so since I was using mine even at October day when if it's just at comfortable 70F outside, yet with sunlight shines on my
dashboard. Without sunshade, cabin can still get too warm to wear jacket in.
When you don't use your X-Shade, just let it stay on your dashboard. No need to find a place to store it; like other shades do. No leaning back to your seatback pocket. No take
away precious seatback pocket space. Three Velcro mounting strips from bottom of xshade and the Velcro handle acceptance base will keep it flat on top of dashboard. It also has
a dark color, light absorbing top cover so it won't cause glare reflection when driving.
(Velcro tape used in this product is good for 300F, Its adhesive won't fade or become gummy even after hottest day)

Xshade is made of two ply of light reflective fabric. With dark sunlight absorbing cover to avoid glare reflection. Easy handle to hang at rear view mirror, put it on or take it off in
less than 3 seconds. Really easy to use it, I use it all summer long every time I park under sun. No need to find a storage space, Won't occupy precious seat pocket space nor rear
seat leg room.

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Cooler car at summer  = $$$$
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$40+ custom-fit car shades can be great, when they were new and if you take your time to put
them on carefully. And they are take up lots of space even after folded/rolled.
Cools like a
dashboard cover
XSHADE's smooth
buttery soft leather top
works like a small dash
cover to cool cabin
interior  when driving. It
reflects heat but does
not causing any gaze

How XSHADE (or dashboard cover) cools?  

How can top cover of x shade(or dash cover) reflect heat while not causing any gaze? How can these be possible when
the cover is in same or darker color than car dashboard top?

Unlike dashboard top’s smooth surface, our fuzzy top reflects light and heat at all random directions. From just one
direction, like from driver’s eyes, there is not enough energy picked up to create an image surpass outside view. That’s
why the fuzzy top will always be several degrees lower than the hard dashboard top at summer.

Even say, both of them are being heat soaked to a higher temperature. The dashboard top can store a lot more heat
energy due to its huge mass. X shade’s fuzzy top weights only few oz yet it can protect all other layers below and
dashboard top covered by it from sunlight. It can be easily cooled down once you have ventilation goiong since it won’t
store much energy in its small mass.
You want to use sunshade every chance you get.
Custom fit car shade maybe cover windshield better. Block sunlight a little better.  But they are
troublesome to use, so people only put them on when intend to park for a long time. However, life
may reguire us to make many short stops. Fill up gas, run to ATM, get a sandwitch..... 5 minutes
under sunlight without protection can soak your car into higher than comfortable temperature. It take
lots of AC efforts (burns lots of fuel) to cool it down.
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